About Us

Our allies and subsidiaries are our support; our people are our strength.

Why Evcon Group?

IT Infrastructure

We have the experience for the design and implementation of comprehensive projects. We work with most recognized brands in the market such as Cisco, of which we are a Premier Partner.

IoT / Digital Transformation

Applied to businesses for creating new products and services, IoT (Internet of Things) as well as finding more effective ways to conduct business operations; develop new models, processes, software and business systems.


We have the knowledge, experience and certificates to give the certainty of protecting organizations. We identify and remove vulnerabilities in systems, applications or devices.


More than 18-year experience in IT Solutions development and implementation


Has a certified professional engineering team with more than 15 Professional Certificates and 14 Corporate Certificates


Professionals with Major, Master´s and Doctorate Degree in areas such as Engineering, IT, IoT, Cybersecurity, Networks, Collaboration, Finance, Tax, Legal.


Proven experience in implementing IT solutions with best conditions, and maximum tax and financial efficiency.

Mexico and America

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